01PCB Assembly

Printed Cictuit Board assembly (PCBA): for prototypes, High Mix - low volume, or High-Volume-low mix.
Process entire range of electronic components.


Quality technology such as: solder paste (SPI), X-ray and automated optical inspection (AOI), available.

01 Testing

Well trained operators conducting e.g. functional test, burn-in, download.

01 Final Product Assembly

Full Box-Built Assembly services to perform: final assembly, aging test, packaging, etc.
Providing our customers with sustainable products.

01 Precision Plastics

Plastic Injection Molding for producing the parts/components and electronic product enclosures.
Production machines range from 20 to 1600tons.
Engineering parts can be manufactured with tight tolerances of 5microns accuracy.
Secondary Processes Printing e.g. : Manual and Automatic Spray Painting, Ultrasonic Welding, Silk, etc.

01 Plastic Tooling

State-of-the-art equipment to do High Cavities Plastic Injection Molds, Multi Cavities Die Casting Molds and Precision Stamping Dies.